Friday, May 25, 2012

My First Injury Setback Along My Journey

Dealing With a Pulled Gluteal Muscle

As I posted quite a while ago, I began doing the "Insanity" workout almost two months ago, and I have achieved substantial results with more weight lost, and more importantly, more inches off my waist and other place, and most importantly, I feel incredible!

However, a couple days ago, I pulled my right gluteal muscle while doing a stretch from on of the Insanity DVDs so I have had to take a couple days off.  In fact, I looked up the recovery time for the type of injury I sustained and it is approximately about a week.  To recover, I have used Icy Hot on the sore muscle area, and taken Acetaminophen for pain.  I plan on icing it as often as possible for the quickest recovery possible.

Whenever I had hurt myself in my past attempts to get fit, I tended to feel sorry for myself, and admit that the task was impossible, surrendering my ambitions in the process.  However, this time, I am just going to take a break because I did go hard for almost a couple of months and my muscles need a break so I will give that to them.  However, I'm hopeful that the break will not be that long, just long enough for recovery so I can get back to it.  In the mean time, I am going to especially stay on the straight and narrow in a nutritional sense so I do not gain any weight back.

That is why I used the word, "journey", in the title of my blog because that is exactly what I am on, and like most journeys, there are bound to be bumps in the road but I will reach my destination.