Monday, April 16, 2012

I Failed but I Am NOT a Failure!

For a few months now, I have been liberated from the power that sugar had over me, well, until yesterday when I gave into my temptation to put Whoppers Robin Eggs into my mouth.  I sucked them down like my mouth was a vacuum or a tractor beam.  

In the past, I would have closed down shop and any dreams I that I had about living a healthy life because I thought, "I obviously cannot do this so why even try".  
The enemy and adversary of our soul would love for me to think a thought like that this time around because if he can keep me from smiling and being an effective Kingdom worker, he can prevent countless others from gaining Kingdom access.  

This is because the Joy of the Lord is my strength.  No joy = no strength!  It is time to get back on the horse and in the terrain of thought that nothing good will happen in my life if I continue to put poison in my mouth.  God never intended this kind of stuff to enter the human mouth, and I will rely on the Holy Spirit to block this junk from entering my mouth again.

I may have failed but I am no failure.  There may be battles along my way to Heaven which I may lose but in Jesus' Name, I WILL win the war!

"For a just man falls seven times, and rises up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief". Proverbs 24:16
American King James Version


  1. I love your blog post title, that is an important distinction! Any kind of Whoppers or malted milk product is a huge "trigger food" for me, the only way I can have them is if there are only a few (like less than 3!)in the house. Today is a new day, we all have good days and bad days- you just have to push to have MORE good days! :)

    1. Sherrie, thank your for your response. You are right in saying that today is a new day. This is a lifetime journey that I am on to glorify God with my health, and not a quick fix to lose weight as fast as I can. There will be times I will lose but as long as I win more times than I lose, victory will be attained!

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